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CEO image - “It is more important to enrich the substance by focusing on core business than to increase in size.”

Greetings,I would like to extend a warm welcome for visiting HYUNDAI BNG STEEL website.HYUNDAI BNG STEEL, nation’s leading stainless steel manufacturer, has played a key role in nation’s development for half a century. However, the current economic uncertainty demands innovation and challenging spirit. Especially, with the development of IT technologies, such as smartphone, social networking services, transparent management and corporate social responsibility are more emphasized. To keep up with this, we will expand the channel of communication among shareholders, customers and suppliers, dealing with the changing market demands and pursuing the vision of being a customer-first company. HYUNDAI BNG STEEL has been with customers by manufacturing quality material for automotive, construction, trains, IT, home appliances, etc, and will do our best to make customers’ life more safe and happier. We are expecting your continuing interests and participations and thanks again for visiting HYUNDAI BNG STEEL website. CEO Jeong Il Seon

HYUNDAI BNG STEEL will pursue sustainable growth by manufacturing high quality products and securing global competitiveness on the basis of a corporate culture of respect and trust. CEO CHUNG IL SUN

Trust management HYUNDAI BNG STEEL believes that customers are decision makers of management, staffs are the driving force of management and  benefits of the stockholders are heart of management. We will take the initiative in changes with the idea that we will cooperate to work towards the future based on trust of the customers, staffs and shareholders
Talent management In today’s fast-paced business environment, creative talents or idea determines the success or failure of a business. HYUNDAI BNG STEEL believes that talents are a major engine of economic growth and will invest heavily in discovery and development of creative and challenging talents. Our goal is to create a corporate culture that shares their opinions freely, cooperates each other and encourages self-improvement.
Environmental management Environmental management is essential for sustainable growth. In order to find a way to coexist between mankind and nature, we should improve resource efficiency and manufacture environment-friendly products. HYUNDAI BNG STEEL has helped the environment by developing an environment-friendly automotive material and manufacturing cores with an environment-friendly inorganic binder.
Safe management HYUNDAI BNG STEEL certified KOSHA18001 and OHSAS18001 in 2013 and has complied with safety precautions to provide a safe work place. We recognize that raising awareness of safety is key element to strengthen the global competitiveness and has focused on creating an accident-free work environment.