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Fair Trade Compliance Resolution

CEO Fair Trade Compliance Resolution

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Dear all HYUNDAI BNG STEEL family members,

  Under the poor economy, it is corporations' duty to find a way to share pain of suppliers and customers, and establish mutually beneficial relationships with them.
To achieve this, the fair trade practices should be set . The Fair Trade Commission has set targets for “developing warm market economy that all market players, including big company, small company and customers, want to relate to. The Commission has also presented the concept of an economic environment where large and small businesses can grow together.

  It is true that state efforts and regulations are very important for setting the fair trade practices. However, more important elements are voluntary participation, which means corporate should comply with Fair Trading Act voluntarily and make it be established as corporate culture.

  We will continue our education program to set the fair trade practices while focusing on operation of CP.
We will identify and prevent possible business areas vulnerable to law violations in advance, provide hotline to the top management in case of law violations. We will also protect whistle-blowers.
We will introduce incentive programs with regard to law abidance to motivate staffs and establish tough penalties for staffs who violate the Fair Trading Act to prevent the same violations from occurring again

  We can not find a way to coexist and boost competiveness unless entire staffs have interested in setting the fair trade practices and comply with laws and regulations.
Expecting all staffs’ continuing interests and participations

CEO Jeong Il Seon