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R&D Center

“HYUNDAI BNG STEEL R&D center opens tomorrow with the world’s best technology.” HYUNDAI BNG STEEL R&D center  makes every effort to obtain  the higher value-added  technology with continuous technical development and comprehensive technical support.

R&D Center (Changwon)

R&D Center (Changwon) image

R&D Center (Changwon) table
Establishment Date 1981. 10. 24
Site Area 1,580㎡ (480 pyeong)
Building Area 3,160㎡ (960 pyeong)

“HYUNDAI BNG STEEL will lead the new era of steel with R&D activities for advanced products and new materials.”

HYUNDAI BNG STEEL R&D Center - New Material Development Team - 1) Development of STS cold rolled steel sheet, 2) Development of ultra thin STS, 3) Development of cold process technology