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R&D Strategy

“HYUNDAI BNG STEEL performs various research and development activities for securing future growth engines.”

HUNDAI BNG STEEL creates new future values on the basis of stainless steel cold rolling technologies which have been obtained for 40 years. In addition to stainless steel business, we will contribute to perform continuous R&D activities based upon infinite pioneer spirit and also proceed toward world’s best quality with our advanced technology.

SUS Cold Rolled Steel Manufacturing TechnologyAutomotive Casting Part Manufacturing TechnologyAdvanced Development Material TechnologyProcess Technology

  • Developed SUS sheet for automobile exhaust system
  • Developed material of fuel cell metallic bipolar-plate
  • Developed new sheet metal of exteriors for building and automobile
  • Developed ultra thin SUS sheet
  • Developed light-weight aluminium engine parts
  • Developed cast iron engine parts
  • Developed materials for vessel posttreatment system