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CSR Charter

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HYUNDAI BNG STEEL is proud to announce its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Charter to fulfill its duty as a global corporate citizen and share its value with all stakeholders through the balance of growth and sharing on the basis of a corporate culture of respect and trust.

HYUNDAI BNG STEEL understands that reliable management, environmental management, and social management constitutes the fundamentals of business activity and promises to continuously practice them. In addition, we recognize that fulfilling the principles of CSR will be a lasting source of growth in the long term and will make sure it benefits the staff, suppliers, shareholders, customers, communities and all mankind.

We  facilitate the self-realization of our staff and establish mutually beneficial relationships with out suppliers.

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  1. We build rational labor-management relations on the basis of corporate culture of respect and trust.
  2. The entire staff shall share and practice the spirit of service and eco-friendliness.
  3. We assist suppliers in strengthening their global competitiveness with mutual cooperation and green partnership.

We raise out shareholder’s value and deliver an environment of trust and satisfaction to our customers.

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  1. We enhance shareholders’ rights and benefits by creating economic and social values.
  2. We protect customers’ private information and boost customer satisfaction by providing the best products and>
  3. We collect opinions of shareholders and customers in all business operations and share the value of sustainable

We, as a member of a global civic society, contribute to the shared prosperity of humankind.

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  1. We practice loving our neighbors through various activities that provide social contributions.
  2. We comply with global environmental regulations and agreements and get actively involved in environmental
  3. We enhance mutual understanding and contribute to the development of a global society through vigorous cultural