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Company Information/Introduction

HYUNDAI BNG STEEL has been playing a key role in nation’s development by achieving technological independence and manufacturing the top-quality special steel which is essential for industrialization.

HYUNDAI BNG STEEL, established in 1966 to lay the groundwork for industrialization, has manufactured stainless cold rolled steel sheet, playing a key role in the technical development of the Korean automotive, construction, IT and electronics industries.Since its establishment, the company has continued to invest in equipment and R&D and was the first to develop bright annealing products and embossed plates in Korea. After merged to HYUNDAI Motor Group, the company has expanded its facilities (#5ZM, #3 BA, etc), established more plants (the ultra thin sheet metal plant in Changwon), taken over another plants (aluminum engine block plant in Gwangju) and rationalized production equipment to ensure the highest quality and price competitiveness. HYUNDAI BNG STEEL will not settle for the present and will prepare to become highly specialized raw material supplier.

Sustainable Growth based on Customers Trust
HYUNDAI BNG STEEL value human beings and environment above everything else and pursues sustainable growth based on customers trust.
Various Manufacturing Standards
HYUNDAI BNG STEEL has various manufacturing standards to provide good products which meet customer’s requirements
Strict Quality Control
HYUNDAI BNG STEEL produces quality products, which was certified by international certification agencies.
Excellent Quality
HYUNDAI BNG STEEL guarantees high dimensional accuracy and surface quality by using 20-stage rolling mill and the new facilities with automatic control system (AGC and AFC).
Perfect Technical Service
HYUNDAI BNG STEEL provides the best services as fast as possible and devotes their best efforts to distribution of the latest technical information.