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R&D Performance

Government Task Performance

Government Task Performance table
Period Task
2008. 07 ~ 2010. 06 Developed high safety and light-weight Al door assembly for the next generation automobiles
2008. 07 ~ 2010. 06 Developed high quality AI parts using warm compacting technology
2009. 12 ~ 2011. 04 Developed Al hollow monocoque light-weight subframe parts for automobiles
2010. 10 ~ 2012. 06 Developed center structural parts of high safety and light-weight Al body for the next generation automobiles
2011. 06 ~ 2012. 05 Developed Urea-SCR catalyst layer forming and stabilizing technology on metal substrate for marine engine
2012. 06 ~ 2015. 05 Developed Al cylinder block and cylinder head technology to secure of power to weight ratio for passenger diesel engine

Patent Holding Status

Patent Holding Status table
Registration Date Patent/Resister/Trademark Content
1998 Coil grinding machine system
1998 Manufacturing method of embossing stainless steel sheets
2012 Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloy for automobile chassis and body and casting method
2013 Manufacturing method of base material for metal filter to purify exhaust gas. Basic material for metal filter, and metal filter to which this method has been applied
2013 Introduced a molding manufacturing plant
2013 Low temperature active catalysts for marine exhaust gas filter. Manufacturing method of the catalysts and marine exhaust gas filter
2014 Marine exhaust gas filter assembly
2015 System and method for heating cylinder block liner
2016 Method for manufacturing linerless cylinder block using silica mold