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Welfare Program

HYUNDAI BNG Steel provides various welfare programs to improve employee’s qualify of life and plans harmony
     between work and personal lives.

* Physical Examination and Medical Expenses : Supports the regular physical examination and medical expenses for employee’s health.* Company Housing : Provides company housing for employees who don’t have family or house in local.* Tuition : Supports tuition for employee’s children from middle school to university for comfortable lives.* Recreational Facilities : Provides recreational facilities  in all area for employee’s leisure and  refresh.* Congratulations and condolences : Supports vacations, compensations, and related equipments for congratulations and condolences.* Club : Supports various club activities such as alpine club, athletic meet, fraternity  etc., to meet employee’s cultural needs.* House loans : Supports house purchase loans and rental fund for employee’s comfortable lives.* Mileage System Operation : Provides benefits such as recreational facilities and free meal coupon by using accumulated mileage.